First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ashish Kumar, passionate about the share market and I am investing in stocks since June 2018. This is my first blog.

I came to know about the share market from one of my friends. He explains to me about the share market and I found it quite interesting and then I started searching for it with great enthusiasm. I came to know about a few books that one should read to get started in the share market and that very day I ordered two books online.


I started reading books and I thought I have found my passion and would to pursue my whole life learning and investing in the share market. Books can really change one’s life. I am not so experienced investor but I want to be one. You must have listened to a quote “an expert was once a beginner”.

In June 2018 I purchased my first stock. After one year of investing one day, I came to know that less than 2% of Indians invest in share market hence people are missing a huge opportunity to multiply their money and create wealth.

One of the major reasons behind people not investing in the share market is only because of lack of awareness and the negative mentality that sharemarket investing is risky. Reality is that investing is not risky but speculation is risky. The great  Warren Buffett once said, “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”.

The day when I read that only 2% of Indians invest in the share market, I thought of creating awareness and helping people to invest in the share market. I started by helping my friends, relatives to start investing in my free time and then I thought I cannot help a lot of people in this way to start investing in share market and then I thought of reaching more people with the help of the internet and I started my blog dhandhopedia.