Best Shares To Buy In 2020

If you are here for quick tips on best shares to buy then you are in the wrong place but if you want to put some efforts to research then this is the blog for you. If you are searching for best shares to buy in 2020 for the long term then this blog will help you.

If you have an income of Rs 50,000(say) per month then ask yourself

  • Which Car you will buy or which car you are using? Which company sells most cars in India?
  • Which company is selling the maximum number of bikes in our country India? Which bike is used by the majority of the population?
  • Which company sells your daily use products like Toothpaste, Soap, Cakes, Snacks, Biscuits, tea, coffee chocolates, Atta, Agarbati, etc
  • Which telecom service you are using?
  • The credit card you are using is of which bank? Which bank has the best customer service? In which bank you will prefer to have your savings and current account?
  • Which IT company do you think is most profitable? In which company does your engineer friend or relative works? Ask him about the company.
  • Which companies footwear you are using?
  • Which company’s multiplexes do you visit regularly with your wife or girlfriend?
  • Which companies undergarments you are wearing?
  • Which company trolley, soft luggage you are using? Does it is of Skybags(VIP Industries), Safari(Safari Industries)?
  • Where do you buy your train tickets?
  • Which company AC you are using?
  • Which paint did you use regularly to paint your house? Which paint did you use last Diwali to paint your house?
  • From which company do you buy your life insurance, health insurance and your vehicles insurance?

Credit: Peter Lynch, the legendary mutual fund manager. Peter Lynch is the writer of the best book recommended for beginners in Share market. You can read /learn-to-earn-book-review/.

This is a simple strategy that will help you choose your favourite stock. You are surrounded by the brands of companies in which you can invest to earn high returns.

Before buying any stocks make sure to do the fundamental analysis of the company.

I asked one of my friends do you want to invest in Stocks? He quickly replied that the stock market is risky and I asked him do you know what is a stock? He replied no then I asked him then how you know that it is risky? And he said I have listened from someone. This is foolishness. At least study about it and then make your decision wisely.

One of the primary reasons people lose money in the market is because they don’t do their research about the company. People spend months choosing their house and minutes choosing their stocks and that’s why they make money in real estate and lose in the stock market.

Remember, you have an edge over the professional investor. You are more familiar with a brand than a professional investor.

Above mentioned strategy will help you choose some of the great and good businesses listed in NSE or BSE.

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Happy Investing.

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