What Is Share Market?

Share Market Investing

I am sure about one thing that you must have come across the word share market once in your life either from some of your friends, newspaper, google feed or from some news channels and you would have gotten curious about it and you asked some other people about it and they said to stay away from it because investing in shares is risky. That’s it and the chapter closed.

 School and college also never teach us about the share market and investing. But I am writing this blog post to give you details about the share market and also I will discuss why some people say Share Market investing is risky. Only 2% of people in our country invest in share market just because of a lack of education and financial awareness.

   What  Is Share or Stock?

Share or Stock is an ownership in a company. In simple words, if you own a share of a company then you are the owner of that company. Either you have one share or million shares of a company you are the owner of the company because you own a part of the company. 

    What Are NSE & BSE?

National Stock Exchange(NSE) & Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) are two major stock exchanges in India. A stock exchange is a place where stock or shares are bought and sold. 

Nifty 50 and Sensex are the indices of the NSE and BSE. Nifty 50 is an index representing the list of top 50 companies listed in NSE and Sensex is an index representing the list of top 30 companies. The top 30 companies in Sensex and Nifty 50 are the same.

Share market starts at 9:15 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. The share market remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. You can buy and sell shares only when the market remains open.

 Does Stock Market Investing is really risky?

In our country many people suggest you stay away from investing in shares mainly because of two reasons: either that person has suffered a loss because of blind investing or they might have listened from someone else.

One thing you must know that risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. Most of the people who suffered losses are the people who invest blindly without studying.

 I am not saying that you will choose the perfect stock in your first attempt but rather I am saying that by learning from your mistakes and continuous learning you can pick a multi-bagger(high return) stock but people after their first mistake start saying that sharemarket investing is risky.

 Share Market: An opportunity for huge wealth creation

Share market is a huge opportunity for wealth creation. India is growing rapidly and you must not miss the opportunity to build wealth from the Indian economy. Even foreign investors are investing in the Indian share market.

Last but not least if the share market is really a place where people only lose money then how could great  Indian investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia, Ramesh Damani, Ashish Kacholia etc have earned a lot from investing in shares. 

First, invest in your education and develop a mentality that investing is an opportunity for wealth creation.

Thanks for being patient and reading my blog post. I think you got some value from this blog post.

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